Welcome aboard the USS Ermiana!

"The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried"

Welcome aboard the USS Ermiana. The year is 2371, the "Cold War" between The United Federation of Planets and The Dominion has begun. One year ago the Federation Starship USS Odyssey was destroyed by The Dominion as a show of force to the Federation that they will no longer tolerate incursions into their space.

The Ermiana, a brand new Galaxy Class Starship launches in this time of uneasy peace. The Galaxy has never seen a threat like The Dominion since the Borg Invasion of 2367, four years ago when 39 Starships were destroyed in The Battle of Wolf 359. Now The Federation faces the Dominion and decreasing relations from the Cardassian Union and Klingon Empire.

Will you be part of History? Welcome to the Ermiana, one Starship which will face it all.

This sim is set in the canon Star Trek Era of Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Season 3 onwards, linking in with the end of Star Trek The Next Generation and the first season of Star Trek Voyager. We will be relating to canon historical events, however we will NOT BE interacting with canon Characters, Ships or events. The aim of the Ermiana is to explore the "Off screen" events mentioned in this time period. However please note that events seen in the TV series will have an effect on our missions and storylines.

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» Christmas/Holidays Mission - The Polar Express

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 4:22am by Captain Mikoto Misaka in General News

To all crew.

I have set up a side mission for us to write in. This mission will be open until mid January and will NOT take place in any timeline. Its just to have some fun and do a little bit of Christmas Themed Writing.

This year, Captain Misaka and any senior staff that wish to participate will be taking the Ermiana's children on a journey to the North Pole to see Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.

This is how the side mission will work out:

- Our wonderful steam train will pick up the children one by one from their 'quarters'. We'll do some very clever Holodeck/Transporter thingy here to make it all look 'magical'.
- We'll set off for The North Pole, on our train with the children on board. These will be the crew's children and obviously their parents know what we'll be doing. Its all for a bit of fun and to keep the magic of Christmas alive.
- Hot chocolate being served! Yay!
- Of course something will go wrong, maybe we'll lose a ticket, maybe we'll drift a train over a lake? Who knows.
- We'll eventually get to the North Pole to see Santa Clause.
- Then Santa will select a child and give out the first gift of Christmas.

Now there are several positions that need filling, complete with costumes.

Train Conductor: Captain Misaka
Santa Clause: Available
Train Engineer: Available
Train Fireman: Available
Train Crew/Hot Chocolate Servers: Available
Children: Anyone who wants to NPC a child

How about we have a little bit of magical fun. I'll be starting a post shortly to get us kicked off. This is completely voluntary, but its all for some fun.

Captain Mikoto Misaka
Commanding Officer

» Current Ship & World Situation

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 4:53pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka in Sim Announcement

To all crew.

I hope this news item comes to find you all well. After knowing that a lot of us have been affected in someway regarding the global pandemic of Covid 19, I have been lenient in posting requirements.

However, I am hoping that in the next few weeks to get the ship back upto an active state. I understand that times are difficult, but could I kindly ask for 2 tags in a joint or solo post a week. Thats not a posted post, just a tag back etc.

I would appreciate it if you could all touch base with me regarding this. I can help you with getting something started or catch you up on current ship events. This is a great ship and you're all my crew and friends. Let's get moving again.


Captain Mikoto Misaka

» Mission Update & Crew Announcement

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 6:07pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka in General News

To all crew!

The Ermiana has now officially left spacedock, and we're all aboard! Well done to everyone for helping get the ship ready and out into space. The first mini-mission "New Beginnings" has now been completed and we are moving onto our first main mission "Cleaning Up".

Cleaning UP takes place on Veridian 3 where we will be tasked with removing all sensitive equipment, technology and data from the crashed saucer section of the USS Enterprise D. We will also be overseeing the civilian contractors and corps of engineers who are tasked with dismantling and removing the wreck.

At the moment there is a mission briefing starting in the observations lounge for all senior officers. We'll get some ideas rolling and a plan in place.

I am proud of you all for the effort you've all put in.

Also, an out of character special announcement! Can we all please send our best wishes and congratulations to Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz, also known as Kurt. He got married to his beautiful new wife this last week, and have recently found out that he is exepecting his first child. I want to take a moment to wish him all the best, a huge congratulations from the crew and I hope he and hiws wife share a wonderful life together and become fantastic parents! Raise a glass in honour of any beverage you wish!

Congratulations Kurt!

Well, thats all for now. Please keep up the good work people!


Captain Mikoto Misaka


Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2020 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor in Out of Character

Due to a bereavement in the family, that the CO knows about I will offline for two weeks until the 6/6/2020 which will be after the funeral. I am sorry I need to take time for myself Will knows what been going on

Lieutenant Commander Mac Taylor

Latest Mission Posts

» "Stardate... who the hell cares?"

Mission: Cleaning Up
Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2020 @ 12:00am by Lieutenant Commander Elliot Glenn Dr

"Personal Log, Stardate... who the hell cares? Who even listens to these anyway? Definitely not me. I record a bunch of these all the time, and I don't think I've once ever listened back. Maybe I should. Who knows what gems I might find.

I wonder if I've said any…

» Cross planning

Mission: Cleaning Up
Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz

*** Back posting ***

As the briefing broke up Carter asked McDowell and th'Tetz to join him, he had a couple of ideas that would require their help.

As they sat around one of the lounge tables, Pete began laying out his ideas. "Here's what I'm thinking. We have 5…

» Kibitzing

Mission: Cleaning Up
Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr

***. Back posting ***

They were 3 days into what was roughly a 3 week trip, and so far things weren't going badly.

Pete walked into the lounge and up to the bar. "Double bourbon with a touch of water. Please." The bartender returned a minute later with his drink.…

» Time to Regain Honour

Mission: Cleaning Up
Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 1:53am by Captain Mikoto Misaka

Captain Kulagh growled as he watched the Galaxy Class Starship take up a defensive position over the planet. Their surprise attack had failed. He had intended to disable the Starfleet Vessel and take what was rightly his, the Trilithium Weapon that he knew Lursa and Betor had obtained. However as…

» Planning the Shipbreaking

Mission: Cleaning Up
Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 10:12pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz & Lieutenant JG Jamie Dougherty

Chelia, the civilian contractor adjusted her hard hat as she looked over the schedule for the 'breaking' of the Enterprise's saucer section. It was vast and had many steps which mainly included ensuring that everything from computer chips to hull plating was recorded and catalogued so it could be sent…

Latest Personal Logs

» New assignment

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 9:50am by Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor

Computer begin log

Well, what can I say but I have been Assigned the USS Ermiana as her Executive Officer. I am shocked, to say the least. I can not wait for this adventure to begin. I only took the command exam three weeks ago. I was going to take…