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Legends Never Die

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 6:47pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Veridian 3

James T Kirk was one of the most decorated and famous Starfleet Captains of all time. His name was in the history books, essential reading at Starfleet Academy and was known as a legend along with Archer and Picard. There was more to this man than met the eye however. He put his life on the line so others didn't gave to, went against his own personal feelings to bring peace to the quadrant and in one last selflast act assisted Picard on Veridian Three, ultimately resulting in his own death.

His service record showed him fascinated with the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, the old Constitution Class. Its missions going in history such as its encounter with the Doomsday Machine, its contact with the Tholians and its devastating first contact with The Gorn. However there was always something about that era that appealed to modern day Starfleet officers. Maybe it was when everything was simpler, you could fix a starship with a good kick and you knew who your enemy was.

Captain Mikoto Misaka had all this running through her mind as she climbed the steep hill top to the co-ordinates where Captain Picard had laid this legendary man to rest. It was beautiful, overlooking a valley with trees and cliffs. A small mound of rocks, pebbles and stones sat on top. An old Starfleet insignia resting upon them, the only marking to indicate the grave site.

Mikoto had come alone. A few days from now a Vulcan vessel will arrive. On board it will carry Ambassador Spock, who will retrieve the Captains body to take him home. Mikoto was the only one privileged to this information. Kirk will be taken and buried properly in accordance to his traditions on his family farm in Iowa. She could respect that, but while she had the chance she wanted to visit, as it may never come again.

She stood next to the mound of rocks and looked down at the Starfleet Insignia. She didn't know what she was really meant to be doing. Paying her respects?
"Captain James T Kirk" she said outlound softly to herself. She didn't expect any sort of reply and she didn't believe in ghosts or spirits. "This sounds silly. But I Captain Mikoto Misaka, hope to be a Captain as good as yourself sir" she said looking down at the site. "I promise to protect my crew and my ship. Like you always did. I can never be like you, but I can only do my best to try".

She wasn't even sure why she was saying this, however it just felt like the right thing to say at the time. She crouched down and placed a single hand over the old Starfleet insignia pin, its metal cold to the touch. "Starfleet is not what it used to be. But as its newest Captain, I will strive to keep its traditions and morals alive" she said. She took her hand back and rose to her full height. She closed her eyes and bowed, a Japanese custom of gratitude, politeness and respect. "Thankyou Captain. For all you did for the future you never knew. Everyone owes you in some way, even today"

With that said she straightened and couldn't help but smile to herself. She knew that he wouldn't hear her words, nor would anyone, but she needed to do this. The work on removing Doctor Sorens equipment will take place after Kirk was moved. Starfleet didn't want every officer flocking to his grave, they wanted it to be handled respectfully and with the honour that the man deserved. Mikoto considered herself privileged to be able to visit him before he was moved.

She made her way down the hill, leaving the graveside untouched and undisturbed. She took one final look at the mound of rocks on the hill before tapping her comm badge. "Misaka to Ermiana. One to beam up"

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